We make sense of IoT

We create practical, easy-to-use and real-time Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for facilities and beyond.

We make sense of IoT

Why IoT?

IoT makes sense whenever you think about:


Increased energy efficiency, higher asset utilization or lower repair costs for failing equipment.


Increased productivity, optimized production efficiency or accelerated business reaction to new circumstances.


Higher efficiencies through process optimization and greater effectiveness through new business models and services.

We focus on the response

Our goal is to help you respond effectively to the new insights generated by IoT. For this purpose we have clearly defined scenarios spanning logistics, warehousing and industrial premises, production companies, office buildings and branch networks.

Whether it's monitoring and improving the environment, undertaking machine supervision and maintenance or optimizing energy management and consumption, we can quickly implement, connect and configure the solution to work with your business’s specific systems, processes and ways of working.

Collect, Analyze, React

Our products, services and solutions

iotor - Products & Services

Products & Services

We offer modular and high-performance systems that are easy to set up, manage and use.

iotor - Our Solutions


Everything from smart offices, buildings and environmental control though to control processes, cleaning and energy management

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